Tap Into the Power of Digital Marketing

What We Do

Stark Media Group prides itself in driving real, organic traffic to our clients’ websites and storefronts. We have experience with converting digital marketing efforts into more leads and sales. Whether your business is in real estate, consumer products/services, or nonprofits, our digital marketing team will position your business for success.

Marketing Capabilities

Stark Media Group has successful digital marketing solutions for your Hamptons and North Fork brand.

Marketing Strategy

When designing a social media strategy we look at your companies overall needs and together decide how to contribute in reaching them. Whether your company needs branding, awareness, e-commerce, engagement or retaining customers it is important to make SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals. Together we will come up with a concrete definition of your brand and correctly identify your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

We understand the fundamentals of an online presence and work with you to maximize brand awareness ultimately affecting your bottom line positively. There are key elements that go into a marketing plan. Quality versus quantity, knowing your target audience and listening to their feedback, finding online influencers, acknowledging their presence and creating lasting relationships. Focusing on quality content that is useful will add value to the online community and your business.

Creative Content

Creating valuable content is one of the most difficult yet crucial elements of social media. It is important to use information that is both attractive and relevant to your consumers. We will build a strong visual brand that connects you to your community, conveys your brand’s personality and makes you memorable to consumers.

Digital Marketing

We know how important it is to keep track of what people are saying about you and your business. We optimize your social voice. Successful communication and engagement with your audience takes more than just setting up different platforms. It involves strategy and interaction. Sharing content online can be far more powerful than just word of mouth. Let us develop the best strategy to reach your prospects and create a social buzz with your name on it!

Video Production

Every brand has a story! Tell yours through our video team. We create streaming images that spark emotional excitement, humanize your brand and inspire action. Our team captures the feeling you want your customer to experience, the authenticity of you and your business. We create a story that allows it’s viewers to remember you and maximize your results.


Good branding doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be desirable and in digestible amounts. Together we create a brand face that consumers build a relationship with and promote your business on your behalf. We will work with you to identify key terms that you should be using when talking about your business. It’s crucial as it allows you to connect your digital community and tap into others.

In-House Marketing Consultation

Not looking to hire a digital marketing company just yet but desire a professional overview of your current social platforms and marketing plan? We can do that!

We offer an in-house marketing “deep-dive” consultation of all your current social platforms, website, branding, and strategy and we will work with you to build a sustainable and profitable marketing plan you can begin to implement right away.

Influencer Marketing

Stark Media Group has cultivated a network of Social Media Influencers that are capable of transforming the audience of your service, product, or business by utilizing the reach of their widespread following. Influencer marketing is a technique that has the ability to connect and engage clients by providing an external perspective that their followers know and trust. Through Stark Media Group’s influencer marketing expertise, we are able to strategically increase the reach and engagement of your content by partnering with influencers who will help your business grow and thrive while wholly representing your vision.


Ready to make things happen for your East End business? Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our professional marketers to learn how Stark Media Group can help your brand grow.